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A Merry Henion Wedding!!

If there is one word to describe Gretchen and Brian’s wedding day, it would have to be “Spectacular.”  What a thrill it was to spend a day with these two wonderful individuals.  Fred spent the morning with the girls capturing moments while getting their hair and makeup done.  Patrick on the other hand spent his morning with the guys as they tried the “mannequin challenge” and failed, as well as capturing the kind of pleasantries only the guys could provide.  Following the beautiful ceremony at St. Peter Church in Reading, Heidi Elizabeth Photography found some wonderful scenery for Gretchen and Brian’s photos. Could you ask for a better wedding backdrop in Berks County, than Stokesay Castle? Walking into the ballroom for this wedding, you were taken aback with the holiday splendor that Simple Soiree had set up.  Take a look at Gretchen and Brian’s highlight trailer to see what a wonderful wedding this really was.  Congratulations.

What would a wedding be without kids running around chasing each other?  These two little ones were quite shifty while running around, and our videographer had a hard time keeping up with them.  Check out the Instagram post.

If there is one thing at a wedding that can make a videographer tear up, it’s when a father speaks about his little girl.  In this Instagram clip, we hear Marty tell the crown why Gretchen’s nickname is so apropos.  We teared up because he was so comedic in his delivery.

When you hire a DJ for your wedding, you choose the mood for your wedding reception.  Bob from The Party People is always a good choice.  What we didn’t know when shooting this clip, was any song could have been playing for what you’ll see on the back end of this Instagram post.



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