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A Winterbottom Wedding in Phoenixville

A wonderful Friday wedding at the exquisite Phoenixville Foundry. Simon and Karen were such a blast to be with, and there were people from literally all over the world at this wedding.  Once the ceremony wrapped up outside, DJ Jamie got the party hopping with a mix of the old and new in the best wedding songs.  There were some great moments captured through the course of the day.  Take a look at Karen and Simon’s highlight trailer to get a taste of what we were so happy to experience.

This short Instagram video shows just a bit of how much love Simon and Karen share for each other.  The backdrop to their wedding day was just amazing.

I’ve done 100’s of weddings, and most times than not I know when something crazy is going to happen.  I guess I should have read my info sheet thoroughly as Simon and his mom shocked me when they broke away from their slow song to form what ended up being an epic moment between mother and son.  Check it out.

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