A Wonderful Wedding with the Wood’s and Ackerman’s

This was such an awesome wedding.  Carly and Scott are such a beautiful couple, and we were so thankful to spend the day celebrating with them.  There were so many moments we were able to capture, and some of them are featured in their highlight trailer.  Check it out.

Carly and Scott had their wedding reception at the Mahoning Valley Country Club, and what a great venue it is.  All morning long, Carly and her dad were discussing how they were planning to execute their dance together.  We’ve seen this a few times, but having watched them discuss it throughout the morning, they definitely delivered the goods.  Check out one of the best moments of the night while Butterfly Kisses turned into……..


When you work in the wedding industry, you run the gamut of different things you see.  You also see some really talented dancers and more often than NOT, vocalists.  Steve Perry is undoubtedly a voice of a generation, and Carly and her “Man of Honor,” thought it wise to do their best impersonation of that amazing voice.  Check out their best effort to duplicate this Journey hit.

All in all this was such a great day.  Carly and Scott were so much fun, and their bridal party was just a joy to be around.  Every day we are so thankful to be doing what we’re doing, and when you spend time with couples like Carly and Scott, it’s that much more rewarding.


Videographer – Patrick C. Manwiller