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Marissa and Brian Bittinger

What to say, what to say???  The answer is and will be, what can’t I say about how much fun Marissa and Brian’s wedding was.  There are some beautiful wedding venues around this area, but Bear Creek is definitely high up on the list.  So many opportunities for pictures and their ballrooms and staff are on their game with every event I’ve ever been to.  The only problem we faced with the wedding was Mother Nature, but thanks to my news sources, we got the thumbs up for an outdoor ceremony.  And it was such a lovely event, take a look at Marissa and Brian’s highlight trailer.

Most weddings we shoot, the entertainment for the reception is in the form of a DJ.  This wedding was the complete polar opposite of a DJ, and it came in the form of Jimmy and The Parrots.  Wow, is all I can say.  So much fun and they had the dance floor hopping as soon as the last fork was put down following dinner.  They played anything and everything.  There was most definitely not a lack of Buffett either.  Take a look at this Instagram post to see how they even included the guests.

Cake, oh wonderful cake!!  Wait, what no cake?  Okay I’m thinking cupcakes. Nope!  Doughnuts…….oh you just rose up the awesome scale with a doughnut cake/table. Homer Simpson would be the proudest attendee of this wedding, and with how much I was eyeing up these beautiful treats, the only thing I wondered was how long it would take for Pennsylvania’s finest in law enforcement to bust down the door to get even a glimpse.  Number one if you didn’t look at the table, I say “what’s wrong with you!” If you unfortunately weren’t in attendance I ate your share of doughnuts.  Okay, okay that part I can’t back up.

A wonderful celebration with family, friends, and last but not least Doughnuts.  Such a great day spent with a great couple.  Thanks so much for having me.


Patrick C. Manwiller – Videographer – Your Day Productions

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