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A Barn Swallow Wedding with the Burns’

What do you get when you mix Potter County, a little bit of Lehigh County, and a Northampton County venue?  Well from the gate, you get one awesome party at a wonderful property, with some wonderful people.  Casey and Matthew were such great folks to be around. The fabulous Barn Swallow Farm was the perfect backdrop for this killer Sunday wedding.  I can never say enough awesome things about the Nappa family and the service they provide to their couples.  Casey and Matt were A+ people to be around, and their family and friends made sure the day was going to be nothing short of spectacular. If you just look at the profile photo of this post, you could have never told me that it was raining just a few short hours before this sunset.  Take a look at this highlight trailer and see some of the other awesome photo opportunities we had, as well as some of the other fun moments of this day.

Back to the party, there are some things you never expect.  Mickey the DJ was spinning a great show when all of a sudden I thought “oops he punched a button during the middle of a song.”  Low and behold, it was by design as …..Take a look at this Instagram post and see what happened.

Like I said earlier, Mickey was putting on a great show, so great that one (I’ll call her a performer) cleared the dance floor. Check it out.

I’m told the danced floor did cool off after this one off show from this guest.  Granted, I’ve also been told that she forgot her dancing helmet. (That’s an inside joke between her and Mickey the DJ).  Casey and Matt were awesome, the venue was and continues to be awesome, and this wedding was the epitome of awesome.  So thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of this one.  Thanks so much Matt and Casey.


  • Videographer – Patrick C. Manwiller

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