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Chris & Ashley #BecomingBilinski | Your Day Productions

Chris and Ashley are in love, and are more importantly, are best friends.  They really enjoy being around one another. The pastor talked about a big key to having a successful marriage during their ceremony in this short Instagram video:


I think they already look after each other’s well-being, and that was evident by their gifts to each other the morning of the wedding.  Ashley gave Chris a wonderful pocket watch, and he was thrilled.  Ashley broke down in tears when she saw this from Chris:


Their ceremony was at Community Evangelical Church in Sinking Spring, and their reception was at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.  A highlight at the reception was when Cory from the Art of Sound played “Wagon Wheel” and a circle ensued with everyone singing along – see it here:


The whole reception was a great time had by all.  Another cute moment, though, was when Chris and his fraternity brothers from college serenaded Ashley:


You can see in the highlight trailer below that Ashley did her own make-up, and what a job she did!  She looked stunning!  Experience highlights from the whole day:

The Highlight Trailer of Chris and Ashley from Your Day Productions on Vimeo.


Special thanks to Wayne with Dave Zerbe Studio of Photography for setting up some wonderful shots and making sure everything went smoothly on the day!  Check out their awesome images in this blog:  http://www.davezerbestudio.com/the-wedding-of-ashley-puhlman-christopher-bilinski/

And most of all, congratulations to a simply wonderful couple – Ashley and Chris, for allowing us to be a part of something so special.


by Fred Tamarri


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