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A Wonderful Wedding for Mary Kate and Bill

This wedding was a long time coming for me.  I was a part of Mary Kate’s sister’s wedding five years ago, and thanks to Covid I had to wait another year to be a part of this one.  Mary Kate and Bill were just what the doctor ordered for me to finish out my 2021 wedding season.  Here are some highlights of their most special day.

I’ve done wedding after wedding, after wedding, after wedding, and never have I ever been told how the dream of finding your spouse shouldn’t be at the local Knights of Columbus.  Thank goodness Christine clarifies why in this speech.

So I always had a love for the 80’s, so much so that I once had the “Golden Girls” theme song as my ringtone.  Now when I heard this toast, and those few words of “Thank you for being a friend,” I immediately got giddy.  It’s a wonderful thing to have friends that are so Golden.

A special thanks to the ever wonderful Drew Nicholas for putting on a great show at the reception, and thanks to Andrew Graham Todes who was such a pleasure to work with on the photography end.  Congrats to the wonderful couple, and I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas, and a lifetime of love.

-Videographer – Patrick C. Manwiller

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