A Barn Swallow Wedding for Joe and Bri!!!


Upon arriving for Joe and Bri’s wedding, I was taken aback at the beauty of the Barn Swallow Farm.  What an amazing backdrop for a wedding that provided some of my fondest wedding moments of the year.  Joe and Brianna shared some very intimate vows that had many of the guest on the verge of happy tears.  Jump to the toasts, and even the best man had a hard time getting out the words to tell Bri and Joe how much their own relationship means to him.  All in all this was a spectacular wedding with some ridiculous moments as you’ll see below.  Please enjoy this wedding highlight as much as I enjoyed shooting and editing it.

As this Instagram post says, the 80’s called, and they want their mojo back.  There is always that one guest that could provide a disc worth of entertainment, and in this instance, this is “that guy.”  I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, and this guy had quite possibly the most energy out of any guest I’ve ever seen.  Check it out.

This party was hopping, and when Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” came on, even the best vocalists try to match the “Loaf’s” greatness.  Check out this clip to see how they held up to what the great Michael Lee Aday AKA Meatloaf was able to provide.