Justin and Rachael Kratz Wedding Highlight Blog

I will first start by saying how I was so looking forward to Rachael and Justin’s wedding. I’ve known Rachael’s dad for quite a few years, and it was an absolute honor to be there for his daughter’s wedding.

One thing I’ll say is you couldn’t have asked for better weather for this wedding day. Bright sunshine abound and a beautiful backdrop at the Janssen Center on Penn State Berks Campus, made taking photos quite spectacular. Beyond the backdrop, and weather, working with Ken Mace photography was another great experience. It’s always a pleasure working with someone with the skill Ken possesses. Take a look at these highlights of the day.

There are a few times where you may here someone say “Twinkle Toes,” and this wedding had one of those moments. I’m sure this is possibly the first time the Doubletree in Reading was graced with light up shoes. Such a fun moment.

When I booked this wedding, I did it under one condition, and that was we had to get Rachael’s dad out on the dance floor. In the weeks leading up to this event, I’d see Chuck on a few occasions and every single time, he swore him dancing wasn’t going to happen. Thanks to some determined guests, and the music by Sean Shipper of The Party Express DJ’s, we accomplished the unthinkable.

I’m so thankful I was on hand for this wedding, and Rachael and Justin we such a spectacular couple. Wishing them the best their married life has to offer. Congratulations.

-Videographer – Patrick C. Manwiller

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