Kristie and Troy say “I Do”


It’s not everyday you shoot a wedding and the couple has been together since 7th grade.  Kristie and Troy are the truest form of what a love story is.  High school sweethearts, and forever in love. For an October wedding in Berks County, Kristie and Troy couldn’t have asked for better weather.  C.J. Hummel’s provided a wonderful backdrop to such a great wedding, and Bo Williams Photography setup some wonderful opportunities for great shots.  So thankful to have spent the day with Kristie and Troy, and we wish them a life full of love and happiness.  Congratulations.  Check out their highlight trailer.

Sometimes it’s best to just not answer if you are unsure.  The shoe game is the closest you’ll get to the wonderful “Newlywed Game” of the past, but Troy got off to a rough start with not knowing the answers.  I mean everyone knows the bride is always right on her wedding day.  Later in the game Troy picked it up and got some of those difficult questions correct.  Check out some of Troy’s incorrect answers in this Instagram post.

Being’s that the World Series is currently being played, I’m assuming Kristie must be a huge fan of baseball after watching her throw the bouquet with such force.  There is not a player out there that would have swung at that, because it was “just a bit outside.” If I remember correctly it was caught by one of the folks sitting down at the far table. If anyone from the Reading Fightin’s is seeing this page, I’d say give this bride a contract.