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Lena and Dennis’ Wonderful Wedding Day

What a wonderful wedding day in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Dennis and Lena didn’t let the rain shake them, and their amazing friends and family from having a great time. We’re early on in the wedding season, and we landed a great wedding with Dennis and Lena.  The lovely Falls Manor was the backdrop for the day, and it couldn’t have been a better location to capture all these great moments in this highlight trailer of the day.

There were some absolutely great moments at this wedding, and I’m sure Jenn and Chris from Artistic Imagery capture them all in still form.  Check out this clip of something I’ve not seen before at any wedding I’ve ever shot.

Along with the imaginary jump ropes, there is always that one guest that just knows how to enjoy the party.  Nick from Time of Your Life Entertainment spun the right tunes to get this one guest going.  Check out the Instagram clip of my new found passion in capturing that “one guy!”

I was so thankful I got to spend the day with Lena and Dennis.  They were such a charming couple and they’re love for each other could be seen with every glance.  Congratulations Dennis and Lena.

by Patrick C. Manwiller

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