Rachel and Zach’s Neffer Ending Adventure

Such a wonderful day I had the opportunity to spend with Rachel and Zach.  It was quite the rainy day, but this wedding was something very special.  The Historic Acres of Hershey was a wonderful backdrop for this wedding, and the rustic ambiance just added to the event. Another perk to this wedding day was working with Joel Thomas Photography.  Joel and his wife were so awesome to be around, and they made the day flow so perfectly.  It’s always a great day when you can work with someone as talented as they were.   Check out these highlights from the day to see how awesome this wedding really was.

As the wedding season winds down for us, I’m so thankful I captured what is quickly turning out to be the funniest moment of the year.  Quick story…Zach had a sinus infection for his wedding day….he was hopped up on antibiotics…..first kiss happens, and…….check out this Instagram clip to see what really happens.

That was such a priceless moment caught on microphone, and like I said, it has become one of the funniest moments of this busy wedding season we had.  But just like every wedding we do, there is always someone who thinks they can sing along with the music, and probably sound good in doing it.  I call this wedding karaoke, and sometimes it’s good, and sometimes…….

What a great wedding this was, and as this wedding season is rapidly coming to a close, I’m just so very thankful I had the opportunity to spend the day with Rachel and Zach.  Many congrats on your wedding day, and here’s to a lifetime of fulfilling that “Neffer Ending Adventure.”

—Videographer, Patrick C. Manwiller