Alicia and Alan Get Married

What a special day we had the pleasure of spending with Alan and Alicia.  I couldn’t have been more happy to be a part of their day.  Love was definitely in the air that day, and what a wonderful backdrop CJ Hummels in Lenhartsville provided.  Take a look at Alicia and Alan’s highlight trailer of their special day.

When all else fails in getting people on the dance floor, play some metal and it will work.  Well, okay, we can’t back that up.  In the case of Alicia and Alan’s wedding, a little Pantera goes a long way into releasing some of the aggression the ring bearer and flower girl may have had.  Take a look at how B&B Light and Sound tried to get this going.

During the whole photo shoot, the ring bearer kept trying to do “the dab.” The way to get him to focus on the photos that were needed, McDonough Photography promised him he could “dab” after doing just one more.  Alan on the other hand has no idea what “the dab” is, and or how to do it.  Trust me, I don’t know it either.

A sincere congratulations to Alan and Alicia on their most wonderful day.