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Our Secret for Perfect Reviews

For over ten years since our video production company’s inception serving primarily for wedding videography, we have a perfect record for reviews from couples on all online platforms. It is an accomplishment for which we take tremendous pride. Our secret – using the Japanese model for customer service.

To fully appreciate customer service in Japan, you really have to experience it. Having lived there for two years, I’ve felt this firsthand and can tell you that customer service in Japan is on a plateau of its own in the world.

There are three keys for the stand-out customer service delivery for Japan:

  1. Extreme politeness and showing empathy
  1. Great attention to detail and timely communication and execution
  1. Always going a step or two beyond

On a recent visit to Japan, my wife and I took a stay at a Japanese hot spring inn, and the customer service that we experienced was prototypical of the service model in Japan.

We were picked up at the train station by an inn driver and upon arrival, several staff came out and greeted us with bows and salutations welcoming us.

We were ushered into the lobby to a couch, and an attendant immediately brought tea and cake. The attendant then brought us brochures and explained our cuisine options for dinner and breakfast. When we asked about the differences between the Japanese and western breakfasts, she quickly returned with a pictorial display of the dishes for each of the breakfasts.

The attendant then escorted us to our room and fully explained for about 20 minutes the features of the room, the inn and our options for taking baths in the various hot spring baths on-site.

At dinner that night, they had brought out a special delicacy for my wife’s birthday. I hadn’t informed them of this – they noticed my wife’s birth date on the registration card.

I can’t imagine much of treatment above taking place anywhere in the USA, but this is the kind of experience you’ll feel all over the country in Japan.

It’s a model we’ve tried to embody with our video production business – going above and beyond in every facet of delivery and executing the three keys for excellent customer service.

Of course, great credit goes to my business partner Patrick Manwiller who has went to extraordinary lengths to make sure our clients have been happy.

by Fred Tamarri

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