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Holly and Nassir’s Cinco De Mayo Celebration

I’m going to cut to the chase and just say I absolutely loved this wedding.  Holly and Nassir were such a wonderful couple to be around.  And fun with a capital…..you get the gist. Anyone that knows this couple, knows how their wedding day was almost ruined by their caterer going bankrupt, and then having to hustle and find someone.  But the true measure of strength in a couple is to fight through whatever adversity life may throw at you.  Holly and Nassir are the epitome of what strength looks like.  Their wedding day was a blast from the moment I walked into the bridal suite. From opening Advil, and lending my Leatherman scissors to Holly, I felt like I was part of their family…if only for a day.  Take a look at their highlight trailer to see what fun they really are.

Over the years I’ve worked with some very talented photographers, and Saturday was just another example of pure talent.  Joel and Dakota from Joel Seidel Photography were just wonderful, and so easy to work with.  One thing I know they didn’t capture, was this moment right before the wedding.  To set it up, Nassir was hanging with his groomsmen when he thought it was a good idea to practice his vows to Holly.  I won’t give away the result, as you’ll have to watch this Instagram clip, but one thing that was prevalent in the thoughts of all the guys was “more eyes!”  Check it out.

One thing I always tell my wife is “honey we should take some dance lessons.”  Nassir and Holly are already one up on me in my marriage, as they took a few lessons for their most special first dance as husband and wife.  Schaeffer Sound Productions laid the background music for this, but a guest appearance following wasn’t what I expected.  Check out the clip to see what I mean.

To round it out, I must say I’m very thankful that Holly’s parents reached out to me to have me be a part of this most special wedding.  If there is one regret I have from the day, it’s that we never went downstairs and stole a few tacos from the 5k runners that happened to infiltrate our photo shoot.  Congratulations Holly and Nassir, it was such a blessing to be with the both of you on your wedding day.


  • Videographer – Patrick C. Manwiller

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