Alyssa and Cory Snyder

What can I say about this wedding?  Well to be quite honest words can’t describe how great this wedding was to be a part of.  Alyssa and Cory were such an awesome couple to be around, and I’m so thankful they allowed us to be a part of their most special day.  Deep in the heart of Lancaster County Alyssa and Cory said their “I Do’s” and what an amazing backdrop it was. Along with McDonough Photography we were able to get some awesome images that I’m sure Alyssa and Cory will enjoy for a very long time.  Check some of the imagery out in their highlight trailer.

There’s something about weddings and Neil Diamond.  I remember back to my days in college radio, and playing Sweet Caroline to the masses, but I either sang it with my co-host, or myself.  Alyssa and Cory could have sat back and listened to their guests do the ultimate karaoke, but they instead took part.  B&B Light and Sound couldn’t have picked a better time to play the classic hit.  Check it out in this Instagram post.

Most every wedding has the opportunity for some fun stuff.  Unfortunately for Chuckles he had to endure some good ribbing from the DJ.  It was all in good fun, and I’m sure Carli and Chuckles will pass on the good fortune when they get married next year.  Check out the hilarity that ensued during the garter and bouquet toss.


I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of this wedding.  Alyssa and Cory are truly a wonderful couple and if give the opportunity to do it all over again, I’d gladly spend the day with the over and over again.  Congratulations Alyssa and Cory.


Videographer/co-owner – Patrick C. Manwiller