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Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Madi and Robby

If weather ever played a factor in a wedding, Robby and Madi’s wedding was that event. Dreary skies for much of the morning, turned into a sunlit afternoon, and a beautiful wedding celebration. But just as luck could have it, the rain came back and ensured that the guests enjoyed dinner, and plenty of dancing. Take a look at their highlights.

When you think of weddings, most times the memorable moments are from a speech given. As a full-time news videojournalist, the past few weeks in the Greater Philadelphia area were clouded by an escaped convict. That very thought crossed the mind of the best man. Take a listen.

Going back to the weather, a perfect moment happened just after dinner. I’ll admit that shooting a rainbow isn’t easy, so yes a filter and some video work was done to make this moment a little more vibrant.
Overall this was a wonderful wedding. I am so thankful that Madi and Robby had me be a part of their most precious day. Congratulations.
  • videographer – Patrick C. Manwiller

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