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The Wedding Day Story of Narissa & Keith | Your Day Productions

Narissa is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher.  Dance has been an integral part of most of her life.  It is her passion.  Keith has worked in different fields, but he is currently a master at construction specializing in remodeling according to a guest I spoke with .  Like many great couples, though they have similarities, such as they are both perfectionists, but in other ways they are opposites and really balance each other out.  They are wildly in love with each other.  That is clear.

As a dancer Narissa incorporated that huge part of her life into her wedding day beautifully.  Around mid-day when Narissa and the bridesmaids were getting ready, they were going over some final details for the bridal party dance.  I had no idea we were going to see this:

Narissa performed a wonderful solo dance performance that night.  About an hour before the performance during the photo shoot in the cocktail hour, Narissa was feeling light-headed, so much so she had to sit down a few times.  Shortly thereafter she performed this:

@fellnarissa putting on an amazing performance for her husband Keith.

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It was wonderful for Narissa, not only to celebrate with her family and friends, but with many people from her dance world.  See a former student school Narissa on the dance floor:

One of @fellnarissa former students showing her some moves on the dance floor.

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Some more of Narissa’s students were on the dance floor all night – these girls were so much fun:

Keith even surprised Narissa with a dance that night:

And of course, the day was filled with great emotion and they had some wonderful vows to each other – experience some highlights from the day in this trailer:

Highlight Trailer for Narissa & Keith from Your Day Productions on Vimeo.

In the highlight trailer Narissa made a vow to Bryce – her new step-son. You could see in the trailer when he was doing a dance performance the concern she had when he was trying to do a cartwheel – it was the concern and love of a mother.

Keith & Narissa make a really wonderful couple and are two special people.


by Fred Tamarri

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