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Video Highlights for Allie and Esteban | Your Day Productions

This was an incredible day for Allie and Esteban at The State Theatre in Easton, Pennsylvania! They met at an audition for The Wedding Singer eight years ago where they ended up playing romantic roles opposite each other! What a fairy tale romance and wedding day!

They had some beautiful vows to each other and you can hear some of those in their highlight trailer below and experience their wonderful day:

This was one of the best introductions for a first kiss at a ceremony I’ve ever seen! Cookie, their officiant, was actually there for the first time they ever kissed, as she describes trying to coach them through their kiss opposite each in the play The Wedding Singer.

Experience some other great moments from the wedding reception and Allie and Esteban chose virtually all of the music at the wedding reception – and they were great choices!!!!

Special thanks to Marisa and Steve with Marisa Ann Photographer for setting up and capturing some wonderful shots!

Congratulations Esteban and Allie on a wonderful day and thanks for letting me be your wedding videographer! It was awesome!!!!


Fred Tamarri

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