Video Highlights for Jamie and Amanda | Wedding Videographer Delaware

Jamie and Amanda had a wonderful day for their wedding with family and friends and an especially fun bridal party at the gorgeous Kings Mills in Media, Pennsylvania!  One really cool feature of their wedding is that they had a local animal shelter come to their cocktail hour with dogs up for adoption – so awesome!  There’s a shot of one of the dogs in their trailer below – check out the trailer and experience their awesome day:

Highlight Trailer for Jamie and Amanda from Your Day Productions on Vimeo.

We offer up something kind of unique with our weddings – we call it an Extras segment of the day – below is a behind the scenes focusing strictly on the photo shoot.  Check out this fun bridal party and Joey and Mal with The Wise Image in action – these photographers are simply outstanding as you will see their photos when they post their blog.

There were some wonderful moments on the dance floor featured in this Instagram video:

I was honored and had a great time at this wedding and was very happy to be a part of the day!

by Fred Tamarri