Video Highlights for Samantha & Kale | Your Day Productions

This was an incredible wedding day for Samantha and Kale and all of their friends and families at the gorgeous Bally Spring Inn in Barto, Pennsylvania. Their vows to each other were so sweet and beautiful and you can hear some of those in this trailer, as well experiencing some of other great moments from the day.

Highlight Trailer for Samantha and Kale from Your Day Productions on Vimeo.

I’ve never seen Paradise by the Dashboard Light at a wedding like this. Simply amazing!

Here are some other great moments on the dance floor and it was a great party thanks to Steve from Soundfactor Entertainment & Events for doing a great job!

And a special thanks to Tassia and John of Birds of a Feather Photography who did a wonderful job with photography and setting up and capturing some amazing photos!

I was honored to be their videographer for the day and all the best to Kale and Samantha!

by Fred Tamarri