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Video Tribute to David Zerbe

One of the last weddings that I worked with Dave Zerbe was last summer.  It was probably one of the greatest weddings that I’ve ever recorded.  It had all the great elements of a wedding – a day filled with great emotion, an incredibly fun bridal party and a crazy Italian reception.  It was a very special day for Dave.  The owners of Giannotti’s restaurant were marrying their oldest daughter and Dave had shot the parent’s wedding about 30 years ago.  You can hear in the video below of the day when Dave mentioned to the groom’s mom in the church that he shot the parent’s wedding.  He kind of glossed over it, but I knew that this was very special for Dave.  He always brought his A-game to a wedding (never just went through the motions), but he really went all out on this day.  It was kind of surreal to be at the Giannotti house and see their parent’s wedding photo hanging in the family room that Dave had shot and here we were shooting their daughter’s wedding.

Dave had a real specificity for what he wanted on a wedding day.  He was probably one of the most meticulous photographers that I’ve ever worked with.  He knew the shot he wanted and then he created it.  You can kind of get a feel for that also in the video below.  One of Dave’s great talents wasn’t behind the lense, though, it was his great skill in dealing with people on a wedding day. He loved to have fun and he knew when to take charge.

See Dave in action on this very special wedding day:

Dave Zerbe Tribute Video from Your Day Productions on Vimeo.

One of the things that I admired most about Dave was the excitement he brought to a wedding about getting great shots as you saw in the video above.  After shooting hundreds of weddings over 30 years, he was as fresh and as enthusiastic as ever on every wedding.   Dave was a legend and it was always a great honor to work with him.  It is fitting that Dave’s final resting place will be in Charles Evans Cemetery – the arches there were one of his favorite spots for pictures.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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