We are natural storytellers. We love to capture wedding days and join in the fun!

  • Over 30 years of combined experience in both the TV News and wedding industry.
  • Our affordable pricing!
  • Over 75 stellar online reviews! Rated 5 Stars on both the Wedding Wire and The Knot.
  • Our unique highlights video blog with an online highlight trailer and Instagram videos uniquely storytelling your day– delivered within days after your wedding. See sample by clicking on video below or here.

  • Our Extras segment capturing all the fun, candid video and behind-the-scenes of the day! Find out more by clicking video or here.

  • Offering up a complete viewing of your day (the complete ceremony with some optional getting ready and all the major events at the reception in their entirety with some general dancing) in an edited, easy to view fashion!


Highlights Blog and Raw Files


Highlights Blog and Edited Files or Disc


Highlights Blog and Edited Files or Disc with Candid Video Extras Segment

  • Pricing contingent on travel and coverage requirements
  • Packages above include one videographer – inquire for pricing for two videographers


Why do we need a wedding video?

The day goes by SO fast! It’s a blur afterwards. Video captures the sights AND sounds of the day and the emotion in a way photography alone cannot – the vows, toasts, and the songs! It’s one of the few days in your life where everyone important to you is there for a celebration – some will not be around later in your lives and video is a great way to have that memory!

What is your pricing?

Packages and pricing are listed and are a good approximation, but is contingent on location of wedding (travel) and coverage needed for the wedding. Reach out for more exact pricing.

How Does Your Day Productions Compare to Other Videographers?

The current trend over the past decade is for generally 5-7 minute trailers and raw files with prices ranging from $3000 – $7000 with cinematic feel. They are very beautiful, but do tend to be very formulaic. This is not us.

We’re new school and old school. Our video highlights blog is unique even throughout the United States. We’re old school in that we offer an edited version of more complete events of your day, instead of just snippets in a trailer with raw files. Our behind-the-scenes, making of the day, Candid Video Extras segment is hugely popular and it’s one of the best things we do.

How is your coverage determined?

We don’t go by hours. We go by coverage of events for the day. This works to your benefit. If things are running behind on the day, we’re not asking you for overtime charges on your wedding day.

Can I Customize a Package?

If you don’t see something that fits or want to tweak our packages or create your own, we’ll happily customize for you!

Tell me about your sound quality?

Getting great audio for the ceremony for your vows with a lavalier microphone and the toasts at the reception taking a direct feed from the DJ’s board. Check out samples on our blog for audio quality.

How long is the final edited product?

Whatever you prefer, however, we recommend and most people want ceremony and major events at the reception in the entirety. Includes getting ready coverage if opted, photo shoot recap to song, and some general dancing – running time 1 ½ hours to 2 hours.

What’s the difference between raw files and edited files?

For raw files a wedding can have between 150 and 250 raw files simply numbered. They are varying lengths and not user friendly for viewing. As a final product we don’t recommend, but it’s better than not having anything. Edited files are combining multiple cameras and edited version of events in their entirety and is a file version of disc delivery and are easier to view.

Do we need a 2 videographers?

With us generally no. However, if you’re wedding is in downtown Philly or with Catholic ceremonies with far away getting ready locations we may need to discuss further.

How do you work with photographers and other vendors?

Great. We defer to them and workaround what they’re doing. The key is day-of-communication. Photographers by and large love working with us.

Are you insured?


How does your payment work?

1/3 with contract to book, 1/3 on or before the wedding day, and final 1/3 when your final product is ready after the wedding.

Do you have back-up in case something happens?

We are as prepared as well as we can possibly be. We have back-up videographers (with TV News & Wedding experience). We also have back-up cameras and microphones, as well as dual, back-up recording. You can never eliminate every scenario, but we do everything we possibly can to prepare for come what may.

What’s your turnaround for the video?

Highlights are generally a day or two, but definitely within a week and edited video is within 6-8 weeks.


Highlights Blog and Raw Files


Highlights Blog and Edited Files or Disc


Highlights Blog and Edited Files or Disc with Candid Video Extras Segment

  • pricing contingent on travel and coverage requirements
  • packages above include one videographer – inquire for pricing for two videographers