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We’ll Need Weddings More than Ever after COVID-19

As this pandemic grips the globe, we will return stronger as a people. As a wedding videographer for over twenty years, and currently being sequestered in my home like many around the nation, I realize that we’ll need weddings now more than ever when this is all behind us.

Weddings are those occasions where friends and families gather, tears are shed, laughter is had, young and old join on the dance floor, memories are made, and a couple is joined together.

For all of those weddings that happened before this pandemic, we can all be thankful that we were able to be able to share that special day with loved ones and gather and hug each other freely. And for those weddings that come after the pandemic, we’ll be ever thankful to take part in those cherished celebrations, again.

Every wedding has many memorable moments, and we’ve been apart of some big ones that have resonated, not only with the people within certain weddings, but with people all over the world.

Our most viewed video segment ever was from a wedding four years ago. The bride and groomsmen arranged a surprise for the groom just before the wedding ceremony. The groom’s mother was not able to make it to the wedding, as she was bed-ridden. The surprise was to arrange an ambulance to bring the mother to ceremony and allow her to be able to see her son’s wedding.

Here is that surprise captured and the groom’s emotional reaction:

Brandon's mother wasn't going to be able to attend the wedding due to being bed-ridden with scoliosis so his groomsmen surprised him by paying for an ambulance to transport her to the wedding. See this emotional surprise scene for the groom just moments before the ceremony.

Posted by Your Day Productions on Monday, February 8, 2016

Between our own Facebook page and other sites, this moment had around 4 million views.

Our first viral video was a father and daughter dance, where the bride surprised her dad with a childhood video of the first time that they danced together to a Patsy Kline song:

An Emotional Father/Daughter Dance

A bride surprises her father at her wedding with video of the first time that they danced together when she was a little girl. And now all these years later on her wedding day, they dance to that same song by Patsy Cline with the video playing in the background.

Posted by Your Day Productions on Friday, October 23, 2015

This was picked up by Bride to Be out of Australia and had around 200,000 views.

Of course, not every wedding has a viral video, but every wedding is filled with those emotional and fun memories that will last a lifetime.

We will all be thankful when we can fully celebrate weddings, again.

by Fred Tamarri

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