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Why a Wedding Video is a Must Have

Probably the biggest reason for having a video is the day is such a blur with a whirlwind of emotions. After it’s all over, trying to recall everything is like trying to remember a dream. It goes by so fast!

Video captures emotion in a way that pictures simply cannot. When you hear your vows again or watch and listen to the toasts, those same feelings of tears and laughter come back to you the same way you felt on that day.

Many of your loved ones at the wedding are reaching an age when they won’t be in your lives much longer, and the video gives you another opportunity to have a special memory of them, and sometimes that passing comes unexpectedly early, as we learned this year when a bride lost her father two days after the wedding. Read this heartbreaking story here:

Bride Loses Father Right After Wedding Day

Though photos occasionally go viral, it’s much more common for a video to go viral, hence the term ‘viral video’. Though not every wedding has a viral video, it just shows that video resonates so strongly with people.  We had a viral video at a wedding this year with over 4 million views on Facebook when a bride and the groomsmen surprised the groom with his bed ridden mother at the wedding moments before the ceremony – see this incredibly emotional moment here:

Groomsmen Surprise the Groom with a Visit at the Wedding from His Mother from Your Day Productions on Vimeo.

We’re not dismissing photography at a wedding – it’s a must have, but video is just as important as it conveys the sights AND sounds from the day. People often comment under our highlight trailers that, “I felt like I was there.” Over the past 7 years, highlight trailers have really changed people’s perception of video and they are a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to relive the day and for those who were not able to attend, to experience the day.

With over 20 years of experience of shooting weddings, we truly believe that having video for your wedding is a must.

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